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Canvey Island Infant School & Nursery

Learning is a journey, not a destination

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff


Mrs S Dorrington


Designated Safeguarding Lead


Miss H Maynard

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead



Mrs K Price

Mrs K Bowery

Class 1 (job-share 3 days)

Class 1 (job-share 2 days)


Miss V Bright

Class 2 Senior Leader

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs  C Dearle

Mrs K Gopee

Class 3 (job-share 2.5 days)

Class 3 (job-share 2.5 days)


Mrs S Todd

Class 4


Miss W Brown

Class 5


Mrs N Little


Mrs E Milne

Class 6 (job-share 3 days)

Senior Leader

Class 6 (job-share 2 days)




Miss K Richings

Mrs J Coverley

Mrs G Whittaker

Mrs A Cannon


Nursery Teacher




Special Educational Needs

Miss H Maynard





Learning Support Assistants


Mrs A Dolby


Mrs L Sadler


Miss E Cross


Mrs J Tate


Mrs D Cruse 

Mrs T Maclean


Mrs H Coot 
Miss C Dennis 

Miss L Allsop


Miss K Thoupos 
Miss T McGlone 



Administrative Staff


Mrs D Walker

Finance Manager

Mrs C Kiln

Office Manager




Midday Assistants


Miss M Kemp

Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs D Marsh

Midday Assistant

Miss R Barrow

Midday Assistant

Mrs C Nightingale

Midday Assistant

Miss R Caulfield

Midday Assistant

Mrs F SummersMidday Assistant
Mrs R BoldenMidday Assistant




Site Maintenance Staff


Mr S Moon

Site Manager

Mrs D Marsh


Mrs R Barrow