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Canvey Island Infant School & Nursery

Learning is a journey, not a destination

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum provides a broad range of experiences for our pupils.


Our pupils’ backgrounds, our culture and our climate for learning provide the following drivers that underpin all areas of our curriculum:

  • Possibilities This driver helps pupils to build aspirations and identify available opportunities for their future lives
  • Initiative This driver helps pupils to grow as independent learners and develops resourcefulness in a variety of situations
  • Community & Environment This driver develops a sense of belonging and nurtures curiosity about, and empathy for, local, national and global issues
  • Health & Well-being This driver underpins every aspect of our curriculum. It helps to guide children’s life choices and nurtures emotional growth


Our curriculum provides appropriate balance.


We believe that all children should feel valued and experience the feeling of success in a wide range of areas. Our curriculum therefore gives pupils an excellent mix of academic and personal development; it gives equal importance to core and foundation subjects; physical and mental well-being are both valued, understood and prioritised by our careful consideration of curriculum design.


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, along with a well-planned and structured programme of personal development, underpin all our work and are monitored as closely as academic subjects.


We carefully balance the requirements for pupils to reach national expectations in core subjects with our wider curriculum aims of providing a full spectrum of thoughtful and enriching experiences. As a result, our pupils enjoy their learning and thrive.


Equality of provision

At Canvey Island Infant School and Nursery, teachers set high expectations for every pupil.  Work is differentiated to suit the needs of individuals and lessons are planned to ensure that there are no barriers to every pupil achieving.  Teachers take account the needs of children who first language is not English and plan teaching opportunities to help them develop their English as well as supporting them to take part in all subjects.  


Robust assessment is undertaken to ensure that the needs of all pupils are met and to enable teachers to overcome potential barriers to learning.


When required, additional resources may be accessed to support individuals with disabilities to enable them to access every national curriculum subject.